The Guidelines Bit

TMM is a new project – we’re learning as we go – so here are a few guidelines to help both new and aspiring contributors:


~ Please resize images so they are low resolution
~ longest edge 1000-1100px, tallest 780px at 72ppi. Unsure about image sizing?
~  This article by Daniela Bowker of Photocritic explains all.
~ One black and white photo per post – a montage is fine.
~ You are welcome to include a link to your blog/website in your post.
~ Indicating camera settings/post-processing workflow is optional.
~ Only family friendly images, please – no nudes.
~ There is no posting schedule, post whenever you have an image you’d like to share.
Comments are open on posts, the usual comment ‘advice’ applying – please play nicely.


‘The ethos of The Monochrome Muse is to provide a non-pressurised, friendly and supportive environment for photographers of any level of experience, to share black and white photographs for the enjoyment of those who admire the monochrome genre.’


The ‘all rights reserved’ copyright (©) of images and text posted here are retained by the contributor. Only images of which the contributing photographer is the legal owner may be submitted for use on The Monochrome Muse collaborative photo blog.


Note: The Monochrome Muse and Ellie-Dee, reserve the right to delete, without prior notice, any content posted by a contributor that is deemed to be unsuitable in any way.


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