Black & White Photography, Chris Goodacre, Photography


I walked across the salt marsh, just the sound of the wind rustling the reeds, at its end the parched earth morphed into sand, the sound of the sea took over (Gibraltar Point, Lincolnshire).

Weybourne Waves

Black & White Photography, Emma, Photography


Wild and windy Weybourne.  Worth getting buffeted and soaked in the rain for the shots we managed to get here!

Beach Huts

Black & White Photography, Emma, Photography

Beach Huts B&W

Interesting to see these colourful huts without the colour! Not something that you usually see.



Black & White Photography, Emma

Avocet B&W

A study of a boat anchored in the quay to start things off for me!  I am really looking forward to getting stuck into some black and white photography, and am so pleased and excited to have been asked to join in.

Emma (from Organdie)