Black & White Photography, Chris Goodacre, Photography

CG_LockedDo we all lock a part of ourselves away? Hidden from the rest of the world, deep within, that small element of our soul we think may frighten others.

Water graffiti

Gilly Walker

Abstract tree reflection

Autumn in black and white

Gilly Walker

Autumn lake, Newark on Trent


I See You!

Black & White Photography, Grace, iPhoneography


A rare selfie.  I participate in the 52 Photos Project each week, and last week’s theme was {me in the mirror}.  For once I was pleased with the result!

Love Locks

Black & White Photography, Chloe

Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

Mind the Gap

Black & White Photography, Ellie-Dee, Photography

Thanks to everyone who sent good wishes my way for Mr E-D, I really appreciate your kindness. Surgery has been required and he’s now recovering, so I hope you will not Mind the Gap in service from me from time to time for a while here on the blog, as I have quite a long journey to and from the hospital every day.

It’s great to see everyone’s black and white photos, they really give me a lift and I’m very grateful that our fledgling community endeavour is thriving so well – what a super bunch of people you all are. Ellie 😀



Deep in Their Roots

Black & White Photography, Grace, iPhoneography


Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light.

~Theodore Roethke

Heavy clouds

Jane, Photography

Silhouette against dark sky

The clouds hung heavy all day, watching me from afar, as I kept an eye on them. They won the battle as the drier whirred.

Have a great weekend xx




We await summer’s arrival, but Mother Nature pays no heed, as far as she is concerned it is June and despite the unseasonable weather the flowers still bloom and the bees still buzz.

Wishing you a good weekend xx

Line dried

Black & White Photography, Jane

Line dried


Deep joy for the good weather

No more hum of the dryer

Line dried and smelling of fresh air.


Happy Friday and have great weekend xx

Shadows between rain showers

Black & White Photography, Jane



A very mundane item to photograph I know, but I was just struck by the lovely shadows cast between the rain showers today.

Wishing you a happy Friday xx