Gilly Walker

Muse Gilly Walker  Gilly was born and grew up in Scotland. Moving to south-east England when she was 30, she lived in Canterbury, in Kent, for almost 25 years. Due to her husband’s job relocation she is now based in Newark, a historic market town in Nottinghamshire.

A fine art photographer, she teaches and writes about photography. Always happy to show people how to find their way around a camera and use particular settings, Gilly also believes that developing an ability to see the world around us in a fresh and exciting way is far more important than technical perfection.

She’s in the process of moving away from straightforward ‘how-to’ classes, towards a deeper, more thoughtful and more intuitive approach known as contemplative photography.  She describes her own looser, more wide-ranging perspective as ‘discovering your inner photographer’.

Her photography projects almost always start out unplanned, typically becoming more coherent and thought-out as they go along. A lover of the dreamy, the ambiguous, the moody, the spontaneous, the colourful, and the symbolic, Gilly often uncovers these in very ordinary places where they go unnoticed, feeling, ultimately, that the power of an image comes from the photographer’s ability to see freshly and clearly.

See and read more of Gilly’s approach to photography on her website:

the camera points both ways

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