Chris Goodacre

  Chris lives on the edge of the beautiful Fens District in the east of the UK. Being an engineer, he has always had a keen interest in mechanical things and as a ‘hobby’ photographer he describes the camera as “a unique electro-mechanical device designed to capture and preserve moments in life.

His first ‘proper’ camera (a present from his wife) was a Zenit EM that he credits with providing him with a good apprenticeship in photography, teaching him the important relationship between aperture and shutter speed. Now shooting with a Canon DLSR and a Nikon Coolpix he would never have guessed, after 35 years, he would be digitally mimicking the monochrome vignette look of photos taken with a close-up filter on his Zenit. He still enjoys using 35mm cameras and has never forgotten the joy of developing his first film and watching the photos appear in the darkroom.

To see more photography by Chris, visit him at  click 3:2 – a photography blog

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