Setting the Table

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One of my passion is obviously food, and over the next coming months on my blog I am going to share some tips on food photography, from setting up a studio, getting props and styling, lighting and examples.

My first post is Food Photography Set Up If you are interested in what you need to set up your own studio at home it’s worth a read.

Black & White Photography, Grace

IMG_3437 (1)

“When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it’s your world for the moment.”
                                                                             – Georgia O’Keeffe

Valentine Cookies

Angela Gibson, Black & White Photography

Close Up of Heart Cookie Cutters and Cookies - Selective Focus

Stop your sobbing

Black & White Photography, Luca


Hi everybody!

This is a photo that I showed at the beginning of last year in one of the  photoclub session, where me other members meet and discuss over our photographs.

It was the first for me to put one photo “on a trial” because normally I look at them with parents, friends but never with people who don’t know so well.

With my surprise the president of the club declare to me and the other members that this photo was suitable for a B/W conversion and during that session he made a first attempt, suggesting me to go further at home because the photo was worthy.

I was happy to receive such a compliment from a person who’s very concerned about photography and, as soon as I came home, I opened the PC and make the B/W conversion.

Well, what do you think?

It’s my first appearance for 2016 at the Monochrome Muse so, even if January is leaving, I want to say “Happy New Year” to the other Muses, the followers and all the people who just take some time to visit site.



Black & White Photography, Chris Goodacre

In an earlier post I said “you just can’t beat holding a photo in your hand”, so I would like to let you know about a fun free PC program called “Poladroid” that mimics the effect as if you had taken a snap with a real Polaroid camera. You just crop a “jpg” square and drag it onto the Poladroid program – out pops an onscreen version just like a real one, then you wait………it develops on your screen as you watch. You can right click on the photo during the developing process and it will give you a sample (a new jpg) in the current faded state, you can also set if you want vignetting or fingers prints on the photo. I’ve found you can print two side by side on 6″ x 4″ photo paper and cut down the middle to get two prints similar to the real thing.

Hole in the Rock, Bay of Islands

Angela, Angela Gibson, Black & White Photography, Photography

Bay of Islands New Zealand

So far all my post have been food ones here on the monochrome muse, but with having some down time over the Christmas break I have had a chance to work on editing some old photos in new ways and came up with some that I really liked, so here is my first b&w landscape.  Look forward to sharing more later

Enjoying a Summer Dessert

Angela Gibson, Black & White Photography

Individual Trifle with Peaches, Sponge, Jelly and Cream

Being “down under” it is time to make all those chilled desserts as we enjoy long summer nights with friends.

Nutcrackers on Parade

Black & White Photography, Grace


I had the good fortune to be invited on a Christmas market river cruise by a good friend.  These nutcrackers at the market in Passau, Germany enchanted me.  Wishing each of you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

The Magic of Christmas

Black & White Photography, Luca, Photography
The magic of Christmas

My nativity

Hello Everybody!

This time “The Day After” is not a nuclear disaster movie…

Believe it or not, preparing the nativity for me is the magic of Christmas.

This photo is just a simple way to wish a Merry Christmas (the day after) to all the Monochrome Muses, my family and all of you, wherever you are.



Christmas Baking

Angela Gibson, Black & White Photography

Decorated Christmas Cookies beside Gifts

Water graffiti

Gilly Walker

Abstract tree reflection