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Hi everybody!

I’m back after such a long time and I apologise all the Muses and the readers for being so lazy.

Well, now it’s time to let the photo talk.

This summer I went to New York City with my family for a week of holiday. It was a comeback after fifteen years from my last visit and I found a new city: cleaner, brighter, more powerful than before.

In the city I consider the homeland of street photography I tried to practice my skill and shooted some pics.

This is one of my favourites for two main reasons:

  • it’s about the Subway, a particular “environment” in NYC
  • maybe sometime ago this photo would be trashed now that I understand the meaning of street photography I think this is a good one.

Well, that’s it; in the next days (hopefully, not months!) I will post some other pictures of the Big Apple.

Let me know what do you think about it.

For technical addicted:

  • F-stop f/8
  • Exposure time: 1/6 sec.
  • Lens: 18mm
  • ISO: 100

See you soon.


Black & White Photography, Chris Goodacre, Photography


I walked across the salt marsh, just the sound of the wind rustling the reeds, at its end the parched earth morphed into sand, the sound of the sea took over (Gibraltar Point, Lincolnshire).


Black & White Photography, Chris Goodacre, Photography

CG_LockedDo we all lock a part of ourselves away? Hidden from the rest of the world, deep within, that small element of our soul we think may frighten others.

Hole in the Rock, Bay of Islands

Angela, Angela Gibson, Black & White Photography, Photography

Bay of Islands New Zealand

So far all my post have been food ones here on the monochrome muse, but with having some down time over the Christmas break I have had a chance to work on editing some old photos in new ways and came up with some that I really liked, so here is my first b&w landscape.  Look forward to sharing more later

The Magic of Christmas

Black & White Photography, Luca, Photography
The magic of Christmas

My nativity

Hello Everybody!

This time “The Day After” is not a nuclear disaster movie…

Believe it or not, preparing the nativity for me is the magic of Christmas.

This photo is just a simple way to wish a Merry Christmas (the day after) to all the Monochrome Muses, my family and all of you, wherever you are.




Black & White Photography, Chris Goodacre, Photography


A dull day, just the sound of the sea, with the waves gently breaking against the sea wall, seagulls overhead – tranquilty. Another film shot, this one was taken at Hunstanton, Norfolk, with a 35mm Fujica GER rangefinder camera.

Weybourne Waves

Black & White Photography, Emma, Photography


Wild and windy Weybourne.  Worth getting buffeted and soaked in the rain for the shots we managed to get here!

Schoodic Lake, Early Morning Haze

Black & White Photography, Grace, Photography

Schoodic Lake

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.” 

~Henry David Thoreau


Angela, Black & White Photography, Photography


Português: a tribute to Robert Frank

Black & White Photography, Luca, Photography
Tram stopping at Praca do Comercio, Lisboa

Tram stopping at Praca do Comercio, Lisboa

Português got the inspiration from “The Americans”, the most famous work from the Swiss-American photographer Robert Frank.

In 2011 me and my family went to Portugal for our summer holidays. One day we were walking in Lisbon when we reached Praca do Comercio.

Standing in the square there was this tram, with all those people sitting near the windows; I tried to remember where I saw another scene like that before and in my mind came Robert Frank and his book.

Of course the historical moments of the two photos are quite different and the people were living different lives but I wanted to catch only the photographical similarities.

I hope you like it.

For technical details lovers, here you are: f/8, 1/80 sec, ISO-100, 60mm

Wherever I Lay My Hat…

Black & White Photography, Ellie-Dee, Photography

Wherever I Lay My Hat...

… That’s my home