Summer Theatre

Black & White Photography, Jane Morley, Photography

I thought I would follow Ellie Dee’s lead and post a portrait today.


We will soon be playing host to our local theatre group’s summer spectacular, a very ambitious production of Balzac’s ‘Les Chouans’. Rehearsals are in full swing with just a  month to go and I am busy taking as many photos as I can whilst there are willing subjects available.  The portrait I’m posting actually comes from the last production we hosted nearly 4 years ago but it shows one of my favourite members of the group Bertrand, who, understandably given his wonderful face , gets to play all the character parts, here resplendent in his baker’s costume…….

Classic Car

Black & White Photography, Jane Morley, Photography

_DSC0352 copy 2 Morgan mono   copy-001

I confess I’ve always had a bit of a thing for cars, especially the classic kind. Here’s a monochrome shot of a classic Morgan………………… ahhhh, One Day !

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Take Me Dancing

Black & White Photography, Jane Morley

Take me Dancing

For anyone who loves old movies, Audrey Hepburn, Fred and Ginger.  I’m off to get ready for the ball…….

The Magic Lantern

Black & White Photography, Jane Morley, Photography

Magnac 1-2


A while ago passing by car through a village I spotted this lantern down a side street and vowed to go back to take its’ portrait. Told that it was attached to a good patisserie I had visions of a magnificent old fashioned French establishment with glass shelves groaning under the weight of pastel coloured macaroons, eclairs, tartes aux fruits and other sweet fancies.  Sadly it was just a very ordinary modern bakery with modern fittings and a few uninspiring baguettes on offer, the only mouth-watering thing about it being the stunning lantern outside.  I took my photo anyway and decided it was probably just as well for my waistline that reality and imagination don’t always correspond.

Jane Morley – View from a French Hillside

Take it Easy

Black & White Photography, Jane Morley

George's Legs

 For anyone who’s had a bad day, is in the middle of a bad week, can’t wait for the summer to arrive, the elections to be over, this image is for you – take a seat, take a breath and Take it Easy!

Greetings to the Monochrome Muse community from a hillside in France, I’m delighted to be participating.   Jane Morley  – ( View from a French Hillside)