Weybourne Waves

Black & White Photography, Emma, Photography


Wild and windy Weybourne.  Worth getting buffeted and soaked in the rain for the shots we managed to get here!


Emma, Photography


Tulip B&W Small

I have to admit, this didn’t take much to turn it black and white – the tulip was white to begin with, and only a smudge of green was visible on the stem.  I adore tulips, I can’t really put my finger on why, but they are a constant in my life and I love them.


Beach Huts

Black & White Photography, Emma, Photography

Beach Huts B&W

Interesting to see these colourful huts without the colour! Not something that you usually see.



Black & White Photography, Emma

Avocet B&W

A study of a boat anchored in the quay to start things off for me!  I am really looking forward to getting stuck into some black and white photography, and am so pleased and excited to have been asked to join in.

Emma (from Organdie)