The Barber shop

Black & White Photography

Hi everybody.

I was working on my photo archives trying to arrange a new photobook from my past holidays and I found this picture, shooted in Portugal in the summer of 2011.

We were strolling in Castelo de Vide, a small town on the eastern border close to Spain.

It was close to noon and there were nobody on the street except for us, walking under a burning sun.

I was looking around me searching for something to shoot (in photo meaning, of course) when I stopped in front of this barber shop.

Everything was vintage: walls, chairs, barber stuff and the barber himself, taking a break with his newspaper waiting for the next customer.

I stared at the entrance and then asked him if he didn’t mind for a picture. He gently agreed so I took a selfie, as you can notice from the flashlight in the mirror.

I thanked and saluted him, because I had to reach my family; he just replied with a smile while keeping his reading, like nowhere was passed there.

Strange atmosphere, but exciting.

Technical details:

  • F-stop 3.5
  • Exposure 1/60 sec
  • ISO 200
  • Focus 18mm




Black & White Photography, Luca, Photography

Hi everybody!

I’m back after such a long time and I apologise all the Muses and the readers for being so lazy.

Well, now it’s time to let the photo talk.

This summer I went to New York City with my family for a week of holiday. It was a comeback after fifteen years from my last visit and I found a new city: cleaner, brighter, more powerful than before.

In the city I consider the homeland of street photography I tried to practice my skill and shooted some pics.

This is one of my favourites for two main reasons:

  • it’s about the Subway, a particular “environment” in NYC
  • maybe sometime ago this photo would be trashed now that I understand the meaning of street photography I think this is a good one.

Well, that’s it; in the next days (hopefully, not months!) I will post some other pictures of the Big Apple.

Let me know what do you think about it.

For technical addicted:

  • F-stop f/8
  • Exposure time: 1/6 sec.
  • Lens: 18mm
  • ISO: 100

See you soon.

Stop your sobbing

Black & White Photography, Luca


Hi everybody!

This is a photo that I showed at the beginning of last year in one of the  photoclub session, where me other members meet and discuss over our photographs.

It was the first for me to put one photo “on a trial” because normally I look at them with parents, friends but never with people who don’t know so well.

With my surprise the president of the club declare to me and the other members that this photo was suitable for a B/W conversion and during that session he made a first attempt, suggesting me to go further at home because the photo was worthy.

I was happy to receive such a compliment from a person who’s very concerned about photography and, as soon as I came home, I opened the PC and make the B/W conversion.

Well, what do you think?

It’s my first appearance for 2016 at the Monochrome Muse so, even if January is leaving, I want to say “Happy New Year” to the other Muses, the followers and all the people who just take some time to visit site.


The Magic of Christmas

Black & White Photography, Luca, Photography
The magic of Christmas

My nativity

Hello Everybody!

This time “The Day After” is not a nuclear disaster movie…

Believe it or not, preparing the nativity for me is the magic of Christmas.

This photo is just a simple way to wish a Merry Christmas (the day after) to all the Monochrome Muses, my family and all of you, wherever you are.



Autumn in New York

Black & White Photography, Luca

The New York Stock Exchange

Hi everybody.

This picture is one of my favourites, coming from my first black and white experience and now I tell you the story behind because, Rod Stewart sings, “Every pictures tells a story”.

In November 1993 I was in New York City and, for the first time, I decide to bring with me two B/W film. I didn’t know what could happen because I’ve always thought in colours  but, as my mother always said, I’m curious like a monkey so I tried.

The results were, at the time, very surprising. I realized it many years later, when I decided with my wife to put some of those pictures in frames. When I went to the frame shop the owner was so amazed by the three photos I chosen that asked me to bring more because he wanted to fill his shop window with them.

After that day, several perople who entered the shop asked for copies of the pictures and that transform me in a sort of local artist. I was very surprised for such a success because I thought that the only person who could like could like those touristic pictures was me, my wife (and the shop owner). But I was wrong, fortunately.

Here is my favourite one, the one that I gave as a present to the shop owner for his help. He still declares that’s the only picture he has at home.

What you see now is a scan of the photo so the quality is not so good but I hope you enjoy it the same.

I ask also ask to the other Muses to give me their comment, they’re important for my growth as a photographer, not only in B/W.

See you next time.

Delta Blues

Black & White Photography, Luca


Hi everybody!

This summer me and my wife went for a “two-days-off” along the Po river delta, in one of the naturalistic oasis.

It was mid afternoon, sun was high in the sky and the weather very hot.

We were “safe” inside our car, with the air conditioning at the maximum speed when we saw that bird on the horizon, on the pole, feeling blue and trying to find some fresh air waving the wings.

So I jumped outside the car with the camera and… got him!

Thanks to Grace and her “Early morning haze” that inspired my photo.

Nikon D80, 1/400 sec, f/5.6, 200 mm

Português: a tribute to Robert Frank

Black & White Photography, Luca, Photography
Tram stopping at Praca do Comercio, Lisboa

Tram stopping at Praca do Comercio, Lisboa

Português got the inspiration from “The Americans”, the most famous work from the Swiss-American photographer Robert Frank.

In 2011 me and my family went to Portugal for our summer holidays. One day we were walking in Lisbon when we reached Praca do Comercio.

Standing in the square there was this tram, with all those people sitting near the windows; I tried to remember where I saw another scene like that before and in my mind came Robert Frank and his book.

Of course the historical moments of the two photos are quite different and the people were living different lives but I wanted to catch only the photographical similarities.

I hope you like it.

For technical details lovers, here you are: f/8, 1/80 sec, ISO-100, 60mm

Scusate il ritardo, Muses

Black & White Photography
Venice from the Casa dei Tre Oci

Venice from the Casa dei Tre Oci

“Scusate il ritardo” is the title of one of the movies directed and played by Massimo Troisi, a famous italian actor and director.

The translation for “Scusate il ritardo” is “Apologise for my late” and I think is the right title for my post, arriving after about three month of being admitted to be a “Monochrome Muse”, first male in a “ladies club”.

Well, I hope that the photo was worth the waiting for.

This is my first photo “converted” from Color to Black & White (usinf the Russell Brown method, for technical information).

I’ve chosen Venice because is the city where I go everytime I have some time to spend for shooting photos and also because is a city that offers in every place a unique set for shooting.

This photo is taken from the “Casa dei Tre Oci”, an early ‘900 building usually seat for photographic exhibition.

The day I got my photo I went there to see the Elliott Erwitt’s “Personal Best” exhibition. Walking throught the rooms I found myself in front of this window and I realized to be in front of Venice. Also the frame of the window was attracting me and so I decide to take this picture.

A seagull gifted me with his flight I caught by luck…

Of course the picture was “coloured” but I thought that could be a good “admission test” if I was able enough to convert it in an acceptable black and white photo.

But the main problem for me was that I’ve never post-produced a photo so I had to study how Photoshop works.

To keep it simple, I was in deep trouble. But now, after a huge amount of photoshop tutorial I had my BW photo…

Hope you like it, and also I hope the other Muses will forgive me for such a delay.

I hope they, and all the readers, will forgive me for my terrible English too…

Hope you won’t wait three month for the next one!

I’m curious to read the comments. See you next time!