‘The Monochrome Muse’

(Founded March 25, 2015)

Hello and welcome, I’m Ellie.

The black and white photography of the Monochromia photographers inspired the creation of The Monochrome Muse. We are a new collaboration of photographers (from various parts of the world) who are hopefully displaying photographs you’ll enjoy seeing. We would love you to follow our escapades on the blog as we share, enjoy viewing and learn about black and white photography. You can also follow us on Twitter: @monochromemuse

The Monochrome Muse is not a challenge blog. There are no daily, weekly or other prompts, it is simply a collaboration; a place for sharing, viewing and enjoying black and white photography.

Whatever photography experience you have you’re welcome to contribute and there’s no need to be a WordPress user to participate, but please take a look at the Guidelines Bit before sending a request to join the ‘Muse’.

If you’d like to be a contributor please get in touch via the contact page, on Twitter to @monochromemuse or use the email button on the bottom bar, with a link to some of your photography, and we’ll take it further from there. It would be great to hear from you.

With thanks to Monochromia for the inspiration.


To follow the Monochrome Muse, or see more options, click the + sign in the triangle at the bottom of any page and the footer area will appear


~You can also find me taking pictures at Miss Ellie-Dee

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