The Barber shop

Black & White Photography

Hi everybody.

I was working on my photo archives trying to arrange a new photobook from my past holidays and I found this picture, shooted in Portugal in the summer of 2011.

We were strolling in Castelo de Vide, a small town on the eastern border close to Spain.

It was close to noon and there were nobody on the street except for us, walking under a burning sun.

I was looking around me searching for something to shoot (in photo meaning, of course) when I stopped in front of this barber shop.

Everything was vintage: walls, chairs, barber stuff and the barber himself, taking a break with his newspaper waiting for the next customer.

I stared at the entrance and then asked him if he didn’t mind for a picture. He gently agreed so I took a selfie, as you can notice from the flashlight in the mirror.

I thanked and saluted him, because I had to reach my family; he just replied with a smile while keeping his reading, like nowhere was passed there.

Strange atmosphere, but exciting.

Technical details:

  • F-stop 3.5
  • Exposure 1/60 sec
  • ISO 200
  • Focus 18mm



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