Stop your sobbing

Black & White Photography, Luca


Hi everybody!

This is a photo that I showed at the beginning of last year in one of the  photoclub session, where me other members meet and discuss over our photographs.

It was the first for me to put one photo “on a trial” because normally I look at them with parents, friends but never with people who don’t know so well.

With my surprise the president of the club declare to me and the other members that this photo was suitable for a B/W conversion and during that session he made a first attempt, suggesting me to go further at home because the photo was worthy.

I was happy to receive such a compliment from a person who’s very concerned about photography and, as soon as I came home, I opened the PC and make the B/W conversion.

Well, what do you think?

It’s my first appearance for 2016 at the Monochrome Muse so, even if January is leaving, I want to say “Happy New Year” to the other Muses, the followers and all the people who just take some time to visit site.


2 thoughts on “Stop your sobbing

  1. Luca, this is a wonderful shot! I love it in black and white, it complements the young girl’s sadness so well. Happy New Year to you!


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