Black & White Photography, Chris Goodacre

In an earlier post I said “you just can’t beat holding a photo in your hand”, so I would like to let you know about a fun free PC program called “Poladroid” that mimics the effect as if you had taken a snap with a real Polaroid camera. You just crop a “jpg” square and drag it onto the Poladroid program – out pops an onscreen version just like a real one, then you wait………it develops on your screen as you watch. You can right click on the photo during the developing process and it will give you a sample (a new jpg) in the current faded state, you can also set if you want vignetting or fingers prints on the photo. I’ve found you can print two side by side on 6″ x 4″ photo paper and cut down the middle to get two prints similar to the real thing.

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