Autumn in New York

Black & White Photography, Luca

The New York Stock Exchange

Hi everybody.

This picture is one of my favourites, coming from my first black and white experience and now I tell you the story behind because, Rod Stewart sings, “Every pictures tells a story”.

In November 1993 I was in New York City and, for the first time, I decide to bring with me two B/W film. I didn’t know what could happen because I’ve always thought in colours  but, as my mother always said, I’m curious like a monkey so I tried.

The results were, at the time, very surprising. I realized it many years later, when I decided with my wife to put some of those pictures in frames. When I went to the frame shop the owner was so amazed by the three photos I chosen that asked me to bring more because he wanted to fill his shop window with them.

After that day, several perople who entered the shop asked for copies of the pictures and that transform me in a sort of local artist. I was very surprised for such a success because I thought that the only person who could like could like those touristic pictures was me, my wife (and the shop owner). But I was wrong, fortunately.

Here is my favourite one, the one that I gave as a present to the shop owner for his help. He still declares that’s the only picture he has at home.

What you see now is a scan of the photo so the quality is not so good but I hope you enjoy it the same.

I ask also ask to the other Muses to give me their comment, they’re important for my growth as a photographer, not only in B/W.

See you next time.

3 thoughts on “Autumn in New York

  1. I love the lines and contrast of old and new in the photo. Also that it is grainy gives it an aged feel like you are looking at something that could be much older. Very nice


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