Print it

Chris Goodacre


This is a scan of an old family photo that belonged to my mother-in-law. When I first started photography as a hobby, prints or slides were the only way to view images in those pre-digital days. Like most photographers my age I’ve accumulated 1000’s of photos that really did take up too much storage space, I’m pleased to say that 99% of those I have now scanned. When I first got a digital camera I mainly just viewed the photos on my PC, apart from ones of family events, from some of those shots I got enlargements done. I noticed recently that sell lovely Polaroid style prints of your photos that really do look good, it’s great to see so many online photo services where you can get prints and accessories from your valuable images as you just can’t beat holding a photo in your hand. So next time you’re in a store that offers “Instant Photo Prints”, pop your memory card in the machine, then in 50 years’ time someone will find the print and say “wow, that’s looks like mum and dad in an ancient car”

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