Old Lens – New Camera

Black & White Photography, Chris Goodacre


I took this photo of a grass in my garden using my old 58mm Helios f/2 manual focus lens (off my Zenit EM), it was fitted to my Canon EOS DSLR. For this photo I set the ISO at 100, aperture at f/2 and shutter at 1/320 second. Considering this lens is well over 30 years old, it takes photos that equal the quality of those taken with the latest Canon lenses. So if you have an DSLR, get yourself a cheap retro manual focus lens off a film SLR (something like this one off eBay: LINK) plus an adaptor to suit your camera. Fit it on your DSLR and select manual mode, open the lens to its widest aperture and get creative.

4 thoughts on “Old Lens – New Camera

  1. I really love this capture, Chris. I have a Canon EOS and keep meaning to learn how to use it in manual mode. I find it a little daunting to consider because it requires retaining so much info regarding the settings. When I see shots such as this I think it would be worth the effort!


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