Fast Forward>2015

Black & White Photography, Chris Goodacre


This is a photo that mimics the look I would get from a film SLR I used nearly 40 years ago! that moody black and white image with a slight vignette. The digital image was taken with my Canon DSLR at 1/80sec. at f1.8 with the ISO at 400. I used Photoscape to tweak it, to give it the look I want; this is a great free program that has all the manipulation features that I need. On the subject of metal chains, history dates them back to around 225BC when the design was used in wells to draw buckets of water to the surface. Up until the mid 18th century, chain making was carried out by craftsmen by hand. The craftsmen would hammer the metal and pull it into small circles. Once the correct diameter was reached, the craftsman would cut the looped wire into individual circles and interlink the circles, closing them and solder the join. As an example, a 16 inch chain might contain over 500 loops. The process was painstaking, time consuming and error prone.

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