Scusate il ritardo, Muses

Black & White Photography
Venice from the Casa dei Tre Oci

Venice from the Casa dei Tre Oci

“Scusate il ritardo” is the title of one of the movies directed and played by Massimo Troisi, a famous italian actor and director.

The translation for “Scusate il ritardo” is “Apologise for my late” and I think is the right title for my post, arriving after about three month of being admitted to be a “Monochrome Muse”, first male in a “ladies club”.

Well, I hope that the photo was worth the waiting for.

This is my first photo “converted” from Color to Black & White (usinf the Russell Brown method, for technical information).

I’ve chosen Venice because is the city where I go everytime I have some time to spend for shooting photos and also because is a city that offers in every place a unique set for shooting.

This photo is taken from the “Casa dei Tre Oci”, an early ‘900 building usually seat for photographic exhibition.

The day I got my photo I went there to see the Elliott Erwitt’s “Personal Best” exhibition. Walking throught the rooms I found myself in front of this window and I realized to be in front of Venice. Also the frame of the window was attracting me and so I decide to take this picture.

A seagull gifted me with his flight I caught by luck…

Of course the picture was “coloured” but I thought that could be a good “admission test” if I was able enough to convert it in an acceptable black and white photo.

But the main problem for me was that I’ve never post-produced a photo so I had to study how Photoshop works.

To keep it simple, I was in deep trouble. But now, after a huge amount of photoshop tutorial I had my BW photo…

Hope you like it, and also I hope the other Muses will forgive me for such a delay.

I hope they, and all the readers, will forgive me for my terrible English too…

Hope you won’t wait three month for the next one!

I’m curious to read the comments. See you next time!

13 thoughts on “Scusate il ritardo, Muses

  1. Welcome Luca, so pleased to see your photo of Venice here on The Monochrome Muse. It’s a good shot you’ve captured, I like the framing and detail at the top of the window leading through to the buildings. Great job on the black and white conversion in Photoshop, you have certainly studied well. Looking forward to seeing your next photo 🙂


    1. Thanks for your patience Ellie Dee and also for taking care of me. I felt myself like a “betrayer” of your trust to wait such a long time. But now the ice is broken… And I don’t want to stop breaking it!


  2. Luca, Sono così felice che finalmente postato una foto! Amo questo filmato. Non sono mai stato a Venezia, ma la speranza di un giorno. E ‘meraviglioso avere un collega italiano entrare nel sito. (Devo ringraziare Google Traduttore per avermi aiutato a scrivere questo commento!) 🙂


    1. Hahaha Grace, thanks to you to write in Italiano! It will be easier to understand and Google translator did a good job.
      The worst for me is that my English come from me and not Google…
      Venice is not so far from you and she waits for you to come and see her.
      I write to you but the invitation is valid for all the Muses, of course.


  3. Great shot Luca, the contrast of old and new is wonderful, and lovely to have captured the bird in flight too, brings a sense of life to the history of the buildings


  4. Hi Luca, this is a beautiful shot, I love the symmetry broken by the seagull and the framing. I am looking forward to seeing more of your photos.


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