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I adore Nigella, it is such a pretty flower and apparently became a familiar sight in English cottage gardens during Elizabethan times.

This white variety, I have discovered, is called ‘Miss Jekyll Alba’, but I prefer its more romantic name ‘Love in a Mist’. The more common colour is a very lovely blue, which is clearly the variety Mr. Swinburne is referring to below in his beautiful poem.

Light love in a mist, by the midsummer moon misguided,
Scarce seen in the twilight garden if gloom insist,
Seems vainly to seek for a star whose gleam has derided
Light love in a mist.

All day in the sun, when the breezes do all they list,
His soft blue raiment of cloudlike blossom abided
Unrent and unwithered of winds and of rays that kissed.

Blithe-hearted or sad, as the cloud or the sun subsided,
Love smiled in the flower with a meaning whereof none wist
Save two that beheld, as a gleam that before them glided,
Light love in a mist.

Love in a Mist by Algernon Charles Swinburne

5 thoughts on “Nigella

  1. Beautiful capture, Jane – I love, love, ‘Love in a Mist’ it was always in the garden of my childhood home and recalls many happy memories for me xx 🙂


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