Summer Theatre

Black & White Photography, Jane Morley, Photography

I thought I would follow Ellie Dee’s lead and post a portrait today.


We will soon be playing host to our local theatre group’s summer spectacular, a very ambitious production of Balzac’s ‘Les Chouans’. Rehearsals are in full swing with just a  month to go and I am busy taking as many photos as I can whilst there are willing subjects available.  The portrait I’m posting actually comes from the last production we hosted nearly 4 years ago but it shows one of my favourite members of the group Bertrand, who, understandably given his wonderful face , gets to play all the character parts, here resplendent in his baker’s costume…….

12 thoughts on “Summer Theatre

    1. Thankyou Jane! I hope you won’t mind but I’ve nominated you and the three ‘founding Muses’ for a quotation challenge! Doesn’t matter if you don’t have time to do it but I’ve linked to your respective blogs and to Monochromemuse – thought it might get a few more visits for us! You can see the details on my latest blogpost on viewfromafrenchhilllside – have fun if you decide to join in!


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