Summer’s Bounty

Black & White Photography, Grace, Phoneography

Summer bounty

It’s summer, which means it’s time to cook on the grill.  Most of these veggies were grilled to perfection.  The sweet potatoes were roasted in the oven and the peach was added to a delectable sangria.  Ah summer, how I love you so!

6 thoughts on “Summer’s Bounty

  1. The light is shining beautifully on these fruits and veggies Grace. My mouth is watering just viewing them. If you’ve got a bit of summer to spare, could you send a bit over here to the UK please? 😉


    1. I think you have jinxed us, Jane! Today it is rainy and cold! I love roast veggies, but will not be seeing any today, LOL! xx


  2. Yes, you did! 🙂 More rain tomorrow, but it isn’t your fault! It’s the fault of the hurricane that hit Texas earlier this week, LOL! Have a wonderful weekend! ❤


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