Shadows between rain showers

Black & White Photography, Jane



A very mundane item to photograph I know, but I was just struck by the lovely shadows cast between the rain showers today.

Wishing you a happy Friday xx

10 thoughts on “Shadows between rain showers

  1. There are an awful lot of famous photographers who’ve spent much time photographing ‘mundane’ subjects like this. I’ve always thought it the mark of a good photographer that they can see potential in such ordinary things, the kind of things most people would pass by without a look. Well spotted!


  2. There is nothing mundane about this shot, Jane. I agree with Katie, there is something very soothing about it. I hope your weekend has been lovely! xx


  3. Thank you, Grace! My weekend has been a good one thanks. A lovely walk yesterday with my dad and son and today I have been a bit lazy and not done a great deal { I guess we are allowed days like these, yes? } xx


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