Beach Huts

Black & White Photography, Emma, Photography

Beach Huts B&W

Interesting to see these colourful huts without the colour! Not something that you usually see.


15 thoughts on “Beach Huts

  1. Emma, I remember you posting a similar picture when we were in Susannah’s class together, but in color. It is so interesting to see them in black and white! I love it!

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    1. Thanks Grace – you have an amazing memory ( I don’t remember posting them in class)! I didn’t think it would work without the cheerful colour, but I am glad I gave it a go, I am quite fond of it.


      1. I think the reason why I remember them so well Emma is because of their uniqueness; I’ve never seen anything like them before and I loved the pastel colors. I was also envious that you lived near the shore! 🙂


  2. I agree – I’ve never seen beach huts in black and white before, but it does work. It makes you notice the subtle differences between them all and the steps up to them really stand out as a pattern in their own right.


  3. Great shot, Emma and somehow it still feels warm even in black & white. Who doesn’t love a beach hut… we visit Whitby quite a lot and there are lots there, they always draw me in : ))


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