And we all shall fall like leaves

Black & White Photography, Gilly Walker, Photography

Polish war graves, Newark Cemetery

Polish war graves, Newark-on-Trent cemetery.  This cemetery is five minutes walk from our house, and is a lovely, peaceful place with beautiful trees and lots of flowers.  These graves commemorate the many Polish men who lived locally and died in WW2.  To me the rows of white graves look a bit like soldiers standing in rank.  This photo was taken in winter, when it’s starkly beautiful, but in summer the tree is lushly green, flowering plants grow among the graves and the spaces between them are full of butterflies.  The title is a quote from a grave in another part of the cemetery.

5 thoughts on “And we all shall fall like leaves

  1. Such a strong black and white image, it has an ethereal quality of light and a pensive, calm mood whilst the whiteness of the tree and the headstones add a brightness and lightness to the image. A very apt photo to post, as it was Memorial Day in the USA this week on Monday (25th).

    Welcome to The Monochrome Muse Gilly, we’re delighted you’ve joined us and are looking forward to viewing your images and learning about ‘contemplative photography’ 🙂


  2. Hello Gilly! This image is haunting. I love the starkness of the white graves and trees against the dark background. The graves in the rear seem like sentinels, keeping watch. Beautiful shot.


  3. Thank you all so much, and hello to everyone. I’m honoured to have been invited to join you and look forward to seeing your images and being part of MM. Thanks for making me feel so welcome.

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