Classic Car

Black & White Photography, Jane Morley, Photography

_DSC0352 copy 2 Morgan mono   copy-001

I confess I’ve always had a bit of a thing for cars, especially the classic kind. Here’s a monochrome shot of a classic Morgan………………… ahhhh, One Day !

For more classics from the same rally click here or even here !

8 thoughts on “Classic Car

  1. Lovely image, Jane…the reflection is stunning! I too love vintage cars, but am not at all bothered about new ones. I help organise a vintage vehicle rally every September as part of my job, I just love to see them all set off on the road run and then arrive at the show…wonderful!


    1. Hi Jane – glad you like it,! We have an amazing vintage car weekend here in Angoulême every September when all the cars race around the old ramparts of the town – it’s like a mini Monaco!


  2. Absolutely stunning and gorgeous Jane – that’s three of us so far who love cars. I love them all, new old or vintage, and if they are of the fast variety that’s even better. My corporate days were spent in the car industry, so if you didn’t love them it was the wrong place to be! Looks like September’s going to be a good month for both you and Jane C. 🙂

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    1. Aha! another Petrolhead as my dear hubbie would say! Yes have to say I’ve always had a passion for cars especially Italian ! Great Grandfather was an inventor and worked with Henry Royce – if you’re interested the 2 links I posted mention a bit about him – completely bonkers!! 🙂 Have a lovely day 🙂


      1. Who could not have a passion for anything at all Italian!! Certainly am interested, did look quickly last night and have them book-marked to read through later – got a busy day to day. Have a lovely day too 🙂

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