take one

Black & White Photography, Katie

Hello, and thank you to Ellie-Dee for inviting me to join this beautiful site.

I thought I’d go for a simple start, and share a cup of coffee with you, while we get acquainted.

I’m Katie, and you can usually find me over at my blog. I’m very much an amateur and most of my shots will be trusty phone snaps, though we did buy a new camera this year that I am determined to use more regularly.

Look forward to sharing this site with you, and seeing some wonderful images too.

8 thoughts on “take one

  1. What a good idea, a nice cup of steaming hot coffee – love this shot, I can feel the heat rising up with the steam. Welcome to The Monochrome Muse Katie, really thrilled you have joined us; our very first ‘phoneographer’. Looking forward to more shots from a phone and picking up a few tips – I’m hopeless at taking photos on my phone! 🙂


  2. Always good to start with coffee and a chat! So glad you changed the link to your blog Katie, I called by the other day and it was a hotel at the other end of it! Will look forward to seeing more of your photos and discovering your blog.


    1. Lovely to meet you Jane. I had no idea about the link and haven’t changed it!! It’s a mystery, but I am very glad it is fixed.


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