Monday Monochrome {Fence}

Black & White Photography, Ellie-Dee, Photography
Black and White Fence

Mystical Fence

Who’s lurking in the bushes, who’s spying through the trees?
Do not be alarmed my love, for it is Miss Ellie-Dee (!!)
Miss Ellie has her camera, she’s looking for the shot
And if we stay here very still, she might get a good one – what!

7 thoughts on “Monday Monochrome {Fence}

    1. Thank you, Jane – Perhaps the Monochrome Muse is helping to restore my writing Muse too! Have sent the invitation to join the blog, hope it arrives okay and you get set-up okay to post. Any problems at all, just drop me an email. 🙂


        1. Are you happy to use the category ‘Jane’ when you post, or would you like me to amend it to something else? There’s no pressure or schedule for posting, just do so as and when you have a b&w you’d like to share 🙂


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