Bubbles and Reflections

Black & White Photography, Ellie-Dee, Photography
Black and White Miksang

Black and White – Miksang Monochrome

Miksang is a Tibetan word meaning “good eye.” It represents a form of contemplative photography based on the Dharma Art teachings of Chögyam Trungpa, in which the eye is in synchronisation with the contemplative mind.



Canon 70D | Canon EF/S 18-135 | ISO 200 | 126mm | f/10 |  1/80 sec |

Lightroom Preset Glow-Bright  | Convert to Black & White |

Black and White Clipping adjustments made |

See a colour version at Miss Ellie-Dee (Lifechimes)

5 thoughts on “Bubbles and Reflections

    1. Thanks Gilly, As a fellow Miksang, contemplative photography, enthusiast I thought this would appeal to you. I agree the black and white version is much stronger than the colour one. The ‘technical purists’ would argue that Miksang cannot be monochrome, but as a maverick who likes to flout the rules, I’m really, really happy with this shot 🙂


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